An apparent deformation on your walls requires immediate intervention.


Contact our experts.

A visual inspection of your walls can detect potentially problematic cracks.

A change in color that appears on your walls suggests a closer look.

is a committed Bricklayers team.
Concerned about customer satisfaction, the company agrees to submit effective and sustainable solutions in the accomplishment of your work. Our team is experienced and never hesitates to participate in small and large scale projects when presented to them.

Whether for your residential, commercial, institutional or industrial plans, rest assured that our team will complete them while meeting your requirements as well as those of the construction industry.

At A.BLANCHETTE MAÇONNERIE INC. our priority is to gain the trust and respect of our customers through our actions.

Keeping in mind your requirements and needs throughout the work is therefore very important in order to establish a business relationship based on trust.

  • Be accessible for the customer and answer any questions or concerns during construction.

  • At all times, ensuring a reliable and durable work using the best materials on the market and still respect the client's budget.

  • Advise customers on choosing wisely the material for their project.


We assure to deliver a work of superior quality by following the plans and recommendations of the professionals (architects and engineers) attached to the project if necessary while respecting the rules of the art.

  • Always offer a team respectful of our customers who has in mind the attention to detail and the quality of work.

  • Work as a team to ensure everyone's safety on and around the site.

A. BLANCHETTE MAÇONNERIE INC. holds all the certificates required for the execution of site work such as:

  • Civil liability insurance

  • deposit